What Uber drivers think about their robot replacements

Last week, Uber launched its self-driving car pilot program in Pittsburgh. Customers in certain parts of the city can now hail an Uber, with the chance that they’ll be picked up by a self-driving car.

Though there’s someone sitting in the driver’s seat, the cars guide and drive themselves. And Uber has long felt bullish about its technology: CEO Travis Kalanick says the company’s whole fleet could be “driverless in 2030.”

The day that Uber launched its Pittsburgh program, VICE News took a ride with some of the drivers that Uber could put out of a job with its autonomous cars, to ask them whether they were concerned about sharing the road with the self-driving cars that will put them out of business.

Read “We rode in a driverless Uber and didn’t die” – http://bit.ly/2cFFmQZ

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  1. This is the thing i cant get.. isn't the government aware that if after some years the self driving thing of uber was really successful then suddenly we will hear something like 80000 jobs lost!?

  2. Well, to be honest we live in a world of pure hypocrisy. There is a lot of people out there looking for jobs and a lot of times they have the skills to do the job but never get hired. Why? because of either a fucking a robot or some fucking POS greedy hiring manager decided to replace you with cheap labor with somebody else. One way or the other people need to pay their bills and provide food in order regardless of their profession. I can say that Uber and lyft have save my butt, otherwise, I'll be in the street.

  3. Who will ride these Ubers once everyone loses their job? Travis kalanick? Will he go around spending his cash on his uber cars? Arent people worrying about the social implications of such a policy? Let alone the moral, ethical and safety issues which will never be resolved fully.

  4. Things that will go BYE BYE : Uber drivers, taxi drivers, pizza delivery drivers, the DMV, truck drivers, insurance companies, exciting car chases in movies, the enjoyment of being behind the wheel, car shows… The list goes on and on.

  5. CGPGrey's video named "Humans Need Not Apply" says something like this, where technology will quickly replace people no matter if they are against it or not, simply because of convenience for the many corporations that want to pay less money for human error and wages.

  6. Rthats just a dumb investment if it ain't broken don't fix it .if it's not going to make you more money why invest in car worth more then regular cars .they don't have to pay the driver .if you pay the driver you don't have to pay for car that they drivin wher as if you get a robot car your gonna have to pay a lot for a fleet of them uber dumb ass hell I hope they go broke for doin this to people

  7. You know, this type of resistance happened in the past, where people try to fight against a new technology that is taking their jobs… And you know, they've always failed.

    I think CGPGrey can explain it better than I do in his "Humans Need Not Apply," and "The Simple Solution to Traffic."

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