Who did Uber Man Meet With in San Francisco??

Wondering what tech company I met with in San Francisco? Am I the new Uber President? Click to find out!

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  1. in love with this concept. however LOW ACCEPTANCE rating does significantly increase longer waiting times from normal this is in addition to uber times out. Here's my stats 4.78/56/13. i want to use mystro but i need to first imcrease my numbers or maybe use less filters to only filter out low rider score and travel distance.

  2. Shoot every ride for me seems 13 to 20 minutes away. If I don't pick them up then we are in so much high demand the customer don't get picked up is what sum tell me!? I know I was in Down town Youngstown today it just started to surge, I get a pick up 20 miles away… It is what it is here… Thanks dispatcher ✌️

  3. You sure that code is correct? could not copy and paste because it is not blue hyperlink. So I just wrote it down and typed it in. Said code is not correct or duplicate email. I have never signed up for it before.

  4. Wow sounds amazing man. Yea I hate when I'm on a current trip and have to accept the next ride. Uber prints the riders rating and distance in micro size. So you totally have to lock your eyes on your phone screen to see the rating. I would totally use this App.

  5. Sounds like an acceptance rate killer. I am not sure of what mechanisms take place when pings are not accepted, but I would like it to take screen shots of non-accepted pings for the distance to pick-up, or for low rider ratings, so that I would have reason to justify the non-acceptance.

  6. Randy
    This app locked up my phone, I can't even get into play store to uninstall it.  I have know hard feelings with you or Mystro, I installed it on my phone my fault.  My phone is a LG V20.  As it stands right now my phone is useless.  I do enjoy your videos, keep up the good work!

  7. I just don't see why this is so exciting. Can't we just not accept the ride now? I mean it's not like the app declines the ride making it so you can quickly get another request. So I just don't see the excitement behind it.

  8. I wish Mystro worked as well now as it did when I first used it. Until Lyft went active here, it worked like a charm auto accepting rides based on my preferences. Now it doesn't auto accept most of the time, and each time I complete the rating on an Uber ride, it logs me off the Uber platform. I've reported this to Mystro support and not had much of a response, the best was to uninstall and re-install. Hopefully the new updates will help with that I'll test tonight.