Why I HATE Airport Rides With UBER & LYFT @ LAX

Why I HATE Airport Rides With UBER & LYFT @ LAX! How are things at your airport?
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  1. Here I ask them about surge when it all red waited 1 hour to get passenger but I got not surge fare, I ask Uber support here is their reply:

    I have reviewed this trip and can confirm that there was no surge for this trip. I understand that the map was showing surge in the area but since the rider did not confirm a surge rate there was no surge applied to this trip. The heat map should be used as a guide for where to find surge and higher demand in your city.

    You will always know the exact amount of surge for a trip because it is shown on the trip accept screen. When a trip request comes to your phone look below the circular map to see the surge amount if there is any, this is the exact multiplier that will be applied to the fare.

    Let us know if we can help with anything else.