Why Low Offers Will Never Go Away! | DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Spark Driver Ride Along

This is why low offers will never go away! Join me for a Ride Along while I Multi App with Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub, and Walmart Spark Driver.

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  1. I'm a delivery driver for pizza hut at the moment. Hoping to maybe do door dash because the company i work for has horrible higher management. I do delivery because i have arthritis in my knees. I can stand here and there just can't stand all day straight .. that's why I'm looking into this.

  2. Low offers will never go away because people keep accepting them. The apps always start low and slowly raise the offer until somebody accepts it. It’s much cheaper for them to do it this way, rather than come straight in with a high offer

  3. Hello so I did my first and second DoorDash delivery today! Thanks to you I have been watching your videos for several months! My first was Burger King $9 – delivered to a business and later I went out and was at a Walmart that has a Dunkin’ Donuts near it – $5. I was so excited and it was like a rush!! I
    did decline a $3 McDonald’s offer for 4 miles. Plus I had passed the McDonalds and the road it’s in is always backed up and didn’t want to go back. Plus it was low!
    Thanks again I have learned so much from your videos! I love it when your husband rides along – and his waving!!! Thanks again for everything. I will add the other apps once I get use to DoorDash!!

  4. The apps already made there money when someone places an order rhe priblem is they could care less about the driver .rhey the corporations sit on there fat asses and let us do there work why u think they get the money to advertise low to no pay .we r a business and need to be treated like a business and s business us to make money and not break evan or lose money the apps r the ones screwing the drivers not the customer by now u think that the apps would pay us more than 7 dollars as gas is 4 dollars thanks to bidonomics why should i turn my key on my car for 2 dollars uts not rhe customer fault it's the fat asses who pay us or not pay us they don't want anyone to get ahead they rather u just be a slave to them this is why no american will want to work at a restaurant they r dead end jobs u will barly pay ur bills working them Walmart and amazon both treat rhere workers as slaves and get away with this some how

  5. I will tell u why they the big corporations do this B's low pay they want to see what they can get away with and make them more money .as long as we have illegal imagrants hear in this country they will hand it to them yes they all hire them in clouding door trash and u er eats this is why u see several mopeds all over New York they the illegal imagrants rent long as we have this stupid Biden as president we will not get a livable wage anywhere .why should they give us high payouts when they can have the illegal imagrants as slaves to do it for them it a proven face they all hire them they don't want to pay .this is what causes several economic problems in this country why u think there is a Spanish version in a can of corn it in the phone ? My ancestors were told if u don't learn English then get out of this country so they had to learn it .the big corporations now turned up the volume on this slave work today it's Esther machines r doing it or illegal imagrants r this is why u r seeing 2 dollar runs .for the people that r new why would u take anything that is below 7 dollars if I take 7 dollars it better be less than 2 miles .why? Simple we r a business we r not hear to break Evan or come out with a hole in my pocket when gas is 4 dollars a gallon u need to do the math .why would I start my car for something that was below 7 dollars .another warning .the do offer stuff like this I don't remember the restaurant but I do remember the mile they wanted me to go to Orlando FL 79 miles for get this 31 dollars this offer was so stupid I just can't see how they get off by doing this they all r crooks they know what they r doing they want a stupid driver who can add so they dream up top dasher whoopii if u had coming sence u know they only do these stupid programs only for them to make more money off a stupid driver that's there game then if u don't take offers they put u in timeout .what? Really ? We r kids to them ? There time is coming soon the illegal imagrants will soon be packing there bags and moving out of this country

  6. You are correct in your opinion on the low offers. Additionally it all reflects on incompetence of not understanding what it actually cost them to work with these gig apps! No one ever looks at car replacement cost, Fuel, Insurance etc… With this said its not hard to do to figure this out. But, people will be people and as long as they continue flooding the market with tons of newbies the offers will simply keep declining in price. And, this is exactly why these gig apps consistently recruit new drivers for these positions.

    Further, these gig apps think they can dictate what you make and how you can do what they say or simply face deactivation. This is how they throttle you and put fear into your mindset. So, beware becuse litterally its their way or no way! You have been warned!

  7. The problem is not really accepting the orders here in California,the problem is the low paying customers always give 3 stars max and after a while you get deactivated because this companies still think the customer is always right

  8. I also think the problem is Uber never increases the base fare even if the trip is like 10-15 miles which tends to happen often. UberEats let’s these customers orders from super far from their house. Base pay needs to increase for long distance trips (8-10 miles plus) because let’s be honest that’s a far drive for a food delivery. It’s on UberEats to pay the drivers more. The tips are like 75% of your pay which is really backwards let’s be honest. These apps charge the customers so much in fees, increased food prices, UberEats can’t increase the base fare a couple bucks on these long ass drives?

  9. This video exposes the reality that low-paying delivery offers will never go away, despite experienced drivers declining them. The constant influx of new, uninformed drivers who accept every offer out of fear of deactivation perpetuates the cycle. Apps exploit this by continuing to send out $2-$4 offers, knowing someone will eventually accept. The video emphasizes being selective, aiming for a minimum of $1.50-$2.00 per mile to remain profitable. Waiting for reasonable offers, like $8.62 for 4.2 miles or $22 for 7.1 miles across two pickups, is key. The harsh truth is that as long as new drivers keep accepting low offers, the apps have no incentive to change. Experienced drivers must lead by example and educate newcomers to break this cycle.

  10. The dirty little secret is that these gig apps only survive BECAUSE of people taking the low paying offers. If everyone declined the low offers, the entire business model would collapse.

  11. Yes I took a order for Wingstop that paid $21 but her food had been sitting there for two hours so the base pay was $19
    Now I accepted this order because I was 14 miles away. But I indeed called Uber eats because I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be rated as a late driver delivering her food. This has happened twice now. She still tipped the $2 she had from the beginning but I was very nice to her and told her to contact uber to make a complaint that her food was two hours late

  12. I wish they'd let us see which order is a low tip or no tip on stacks. It feels very shady and deceptive that they won't let us see this info until after we deliver. That feels like they're trying to control what offers we take, which would make us employees, not 1099s.

  13. Seen a new driver take a 2 dollar order. It will take em a week to figure it out… They will look at time, mileage etc…. Eventually there going to go to youtube or just quit. I see it in my market!!!

  14. Noo thats not the main reason that low offers wont go away. The real reason is because uber refuses to pay the drivers more money. We get a very small percentage of what the customers pay for. The rest goes to the restaurants and then uber gets a cut from that, since they charge the restaurants a commission fee for using uber eats. And talking about fees, the fees the customers pay in the app, does not go to the drivers. It does not pay for the deliveries. It goes straight into uber's pockets. And to top it off, customers tip very little, for the most part, and some dont even add more tips after delivery. So, unless uber starts paying us more, like a livable wage, remove the fees from the app or give it to the drivers, and the customers add more tips, then we will still be in the same boat.

  15. I'd rather sit idle than accept trash offers. I've been dashing for 18 months now. Over that time period, I've been able to average $2.17/business mile driven.
    I prioritize completing shop & pay orders because they help me maintain a relatively high dollar payout/business mile ratio.

  16. Thank you, Bri! You have a great channel! It's so important that you get educated when working on these apps. You really helped me with this job. In the beginning, I was just taking any offer until I came upon this channel. I know better now after watching your channel! You do a great job. Thank you so much! I work Uber to supplement my Florida teacher salary until I get my pension in September. You really saved my butt and these apps are saving me! Thanks again!