Why My Uber Ratings Should Be Lower Video Collab w/ Terry Tips

Hey guys! Today I have a fun video for you in collaboration with Rideshare vlogger, Terry’s Tips. We both have high ratings but were sure that there have been some moments where we should have been rated lower.

Terry’s video: https://youtu.be/uyqhqhgzAkg

Terry Tip’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRicGGGKwnjixdyobqnZrXA

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Comment (25)

  1. hahaa love this video. This is actually a great concept, can you make a video on the nice way to decline such requests for friendships and other odd passenger requests? Id have no idea what to say in that situation. Thank you!

  2. The more you do for others in life the more it pays off… it's called Karma…. you can accept it reject it but it's the truth. Justify your actions or what you're willing to do or not do for others as you wish, but at least meet people 25%…. it "counts".

  3. So true! Why would I take you to a address that is unrecorded? How would Uber know where I even was if I somehow vanish? LOL on the persinal driver thing. I dropped a guy off in the Marina for a party. He asked if I could pick him up at 1am? I laughed and said dude, just send for an Uber if I'm in the area it may ping me. Who knows. Bye bye now…get out.

  4. I had a rider play HIS music in my car. I was playing a Podcast on missing people, "The Vanished", I had it very low so it wouldn't be too loud for those that did not want to hear. Well, him and his girlfriend gets in, and the music switches. I was new to Uber, so I switched it back and was wondering why is the music different. Come to find out, the man was in my backseat playing the music somehow through the Uber App through my speakers. WTF! I ended up letting him play his music, since his ride was only 5 mins away. Never again!

  5. I also hate people who get in my clean car and their clothes are full of cat and dog hair and the ladies with all the glitter on their clothes and I gotta go vacuum that crap out its very hard b to get out.Why don't they dust themselves abs their pet hairs off before getting in my car ugggh!!!!!

  6. Also these cheap rich folks who order an Uber X I have a small car and its 2 of them and they have these huge pieces of luggage and the other big one won't fit in my trunk so they push it in my back seat and it gets my seats all dusty and dirty and take them to the airport and they don't tip at all. DISGUSTING!!!

  7. I can't stand when they wanna sit up front with me its like way too personal and in my space and I don't like smelling their hair and body scent. Especially when they see I have my purse and other items in the front and they look at me like I'll wait until you move your stuff and they are ok with that I hate those people its like get your behind in the ball seat please you're only going to be in here no more than 20 minutes top.

  8. Oh yeah I can relate. Especially when you verify address they put in wrong and then when you ask for right address they still can't give you the right info. I had to cancel that one. Yes, you can stop at the store on the way but I am leaving the app running. And especially when you aren't getting tips let them meet you at the curb.

  9. girl your so funny !!! In next few seconds I probably be dying when I see Terry Tips video…i taught you both where going to do streaming together at the same time ? you should do that one day ..

  10. I can definitely relate. I hate when people sit behind me, I can't stand when people try to direct me, and even though I have a dog it doesn't mean I want your dog in my car. I don't want to have to vacuum my car out before I can take the next passenger.

  11. Yes! Most people want us to bring the food to their door. They will open up their house door and just stand there and stare. Sometimes it gets so awkward that I just so it. But 99% of the time I use the text that you told me you use. it works miracles. Thanks so much for this tip!