Will Uber Force Uberx Drivers to Accept UberEATS Request?

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UberEATS has be exploding since it launched a year ago rolling out to over 40 cities in lightning fast time. UberEATS demand has been off the charts with customers taking to the new on-demand food delivery service just as fast as they did with the regular Uberx platform. While demand is high, supply is scarace as Uber scambles to vett an army of new food deivery drivers to service customers. Reports are comimg in that Ubers driver have been getting request for UberEATS even though they never opted in to the service. When Uber launched Uberpool all drivers where forced to accept request even though it was an optional platform for riders. Will Uber force drivers to accept UberEATS erquest also? Time will tell!
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  1. In South FL Uber has already combined uber X & delivery… once you "opt in" to eats you will start getting pinged for delivery while on Uber X… The only way I found to "opt out" of Eats & the most pathetic service called POOL – I upgraded vehicle to LUX!

  2. This is the only video on YT that covers this topic. I'm a new Uber X driver in Houston TX. Had a very busy 1st 3 days last wk end. Reason why I'm doing this was for Super Bowl week. Last night Monday I decided to test the Superbowl crowd. In 3 hrs got 9 Delivery notifications! My 1st one I had no idea it was a delivery so I accepted it. Driving to the location I'm thinking WTH? I get there middle of Downtown Houston with a ton of cops patrolling & new Road barriers & detours there was no place to park. I had to cancel it. Rest of the night I got 8 more delivery notifications which I did not accept. Then I got a pop up warning saying there were going to turn me off due to not accepting "riders". I have sent Uber 3 messages via help tab & no response. Tomorrow I will walk into Uber office in Houston & tell them I never signed up for Uber Eats. If it is forced, I'm done!

  3. I am an DRIVER .I AM NOT an DELIVERY BOY. UBER MUST UNDERSTAND THAT OR WE ALL ARE GOING TO Be SIDE CAR AND LIFT drivers then opening informations to future possible new drivers WITH UBER SCAMMING it's DRIVERS YouTube video bomberment to the mass is inevitable . ???

  4. that's fine Uber can force all the shit they want. I only drive for Uber in my area. I will switch to lyft in a microsecond if I get a single ubereats delivery. besides Uber has riders believing that we can't accept tips. uber is a very flawed system from the gps to the review feature. Uber is not going to have any overnight presence in my city if they keep up their shit. I should know, I'm the only overnight partner here.

  5. Why do u ppl think there forcing u to except uber eats or uber pool. Ur an independent contracter its ur choice what u acept n what dont acept point blank it was settled in last lawsuit they can't deactivate u for acceptance rate. But if acept it and cancel thats different. Onky accept whatvu want and what u can make money off. Of cource there gonna include them in the incentives. Incentives r not there way of being nice. Incentives r because they gotta a need and its to get u to fill that need. Ubers not giving away money cause there nice its the only way they can get u to do what they want without making u an employee. I dont aceppt pool eats request more than 7 min away request more than 5 miles away. Its ur buissness break it down by trip and figure out which trips u r in the green and which trips ur actuaky losing money on or barly breaking even on and stop aceptting them. My avg trip is 10 miles so I cut that number in half so more than 5 miles away is not worth it. And for time I do 7 min because 7 min to get there and 5 min max Wait before u cancel n get cancel fee thst comes to 12 min which r unpaid minutes thats my max. U have to determine by market I'm in an urban densely populated area so theres no reason I should have to go that far to pick someone up. I'd rather wait 5 extra min and get some one in building I'm sitting in front of which means no miles to get there which means no expenses for unpaid driving to get to customer. We can't control rates and there so low r profitability is very low but we can increase profitability by reducing unpaid miles. I rather make 18 dollars wit 3 dollar expense than make 22 dollars wit 8 dollars expense. Learn ur numbers

  6. I'm an X driver in Chicago and haven't received any Uber eats requests while driving paxs.
    Thank goodness. If I do, they won't be accepted. It's just not an option for me in Chicago. The parking situation is a nightmare. One definitely needs a bike or scooter here for delivery and I don't plan to put my ass on either.

  7. One solution to the Uber eats bag smell is to buy one of the larger hot/cold bags you can buy at a grocery store. Also, Uber charges $15 a bag, which is really crazy. Uber needs to either pay more $$ for rides, or cut down the outrageous 25% haircut…I would also like to know how to just be a Uber eats driver, as passengers can be a pain, especially at night. Apparently I didn't know that many people that go to bars get drunk before they go, so they don't have to buy expensive drinks…and many times they don't tip. Uber needs to encourage passengers to tip. I will probably just drive for Lyft if my income does not get better.

  8. I opted in for taking Uber eats deliveries as well as passengers. The upside is the eats trips can be very short, and I receive tips almost every time. The downside is my car stinks like food, and then if a passenger needs a ride, there is little time to freshen up my car. The delivery % that Uber takes is 10%, instead of the rape and pillage 25%, which is really outrageous. I rarely get tips from passengers, and the wear and tear on my Acura MDX does not make driving for Uber worth it. Also, delivering food can be very hard when it's dark, and I require some better shoes and a flashlight…many many potholes and unpaved driveways in Portland, OR.

  9. The most interesting thing this vid says is that the vehicle requirements are much more open than the requirements for driving passengers. But, you'd only be able to deliver food and that may be fine if you have the amount of requests needed for the amount you need to earn daily.

    The new forced acceptance of additional pool requests can be canceled. You just need to open the driver info tab and scroll to the added pax and then click 'cancel.' It will ask you why you canceled and just click other. I have used this when a pax made a mistake not realizing that he'd clicked the now 'default' UberPOOL tab and was heading to the airport and additional stops could possibly make his miss his flight. I also use this if I already have two pickups in my car and have run out of room for more people. Too many packages, bags of clothes, etc.

    Still, the best way to avoid the POOL scam being used by Uber is to look at the request before accepting it and if it's a POOL request don't accept it. You will pay a price, however. If you are trying to make the latest bonus pay ($75 after completing 35 trips and accepting at least 80% of the requests) you may not make the 80% acceptance required.

  10. Happy belated Thanksgiving fam:). in Baltimore once you've signed up for uberats you were NOT give a choice as to do eats or delivering people. they just randomly come in on the app. But it seems to be more uber eats runs than passengers. so now I dress so i can now run in and out my car and park illegally just so i can be paid a little higher than a pizza man…strange thing, i now like it. And appreciate not having to entertain, read a gps, serve people, and still drive skillfully, all at the same time, only to get less than $4 sometimes. Uber eats is always pays above $6 and without anything extra and you may even get a tip. Yes they are forcing us, but it might be a good change from sitting long hrs.

  11. Looks like 'partners' are just becoming 'Uber', period.
    UberPool forced on them, now UberEats suddenly getting dumped on them?

    Sounds more like an employer telling their employees what to do now… while they continue to cut wages.

  12. As a uber driver i turn. down every Uberpool is is not worth it,
    if they try to force me to accept uber eats
    Uber can kiss my ass
    because i will not do anything i did not sign for it.
    if all ubers unite then uber can loose millions in revenue
    Do Not Give In.
    that is dictatorship,

  13. In Los Angeles regular UBER calls and UBER Eats calls are combined. If you want them separated, you have to contact support to separate them but we still use the same driver application, we just change our vehicles in our profiles to choose the type of calls we want to run.

  14. I have not done Uber eats. I am in DC area. Do you go inside and pickup food? Does customer come to your car? Is the meter running from accepting order until customer picks up food? This would work if you carry 2 people. Parking has to be an issue. Nice professional video.

  15. I drive in SF Bay Area and I signed up for Uber and then asked to be added to Uber delivery. All I got on Delivery/Eats was headaches. They gave me two vehicles in my profile to use, one for X and one for Eats. I've only taken 3 Delivery and it's crap! Longer time needed, no tips, and more required. Go to doors, a problem at apartments! I do not drive Eats, only X, by not using my Delivery car in the profile. Both cars are the same, just different designations.

  16. As an uberX driver here in Philadelphia I've noticed I've been getting a lot of requests 4 Uber Eats the demands are high what is really weird about all this I've never opted-in and yet they are forcing uberX drivers to accept Uber eats this is not what I signed up for therefore I'm not going to accept Uber Eats anymore it's too much of a hassle and the pay is very little it's not worth it