Working with Instacart week 3

I began working with Instacart in the beginning of October 2016 – for the purpose of creating a review of app based 1099 jobs.

This video is my third shift and I am working in Central Chicago. it’s a frustrating day. I made $54 in 6 hours and was paid out $66 with my hourly guarantee. …


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  1. I feel you same way. Instacart isn't as good as it used to be. Too many app issues. And even tho you work 8 hours on double peak days and you'll be making under $200. But it's worth working if you put in days and hours and consistent orders coming in. I would not expect too much from Instacart..

  2. Hello, I Work a few delivery apps and postmates is the only app I tried really hard to make a decent amount of money but for some reason I never make enough working for postmates, I definitely know where you coming from.