You won’t believe how much money this Amazon Flex Uber Lyft driver makes! Millionaire rideshare

I’ve only been doing the Rideshare platforms and Amazon Flex for about a month and I am making a killing. I don’t do these videos to brag, it’s more for inspiration and information for those looking to get into this industry. Please use my promo codes if you get signed up we both make money! Thank you for watching sorry about the Cliffhanger my phone ran out of recording space so you will have to wait for the next video to find out how much I make a week………

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Hey! Come drive Uber with me and get $200 when you sign up in Portland


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  1. I think before anyone starts to do these apps, they need to save up a couple thousand dollars first. That way you'd never have to worry about paying for maintenance because you already have funds for it. Your bank ac won't fluctuate, instead it will rise.

  2. the other day I saw a guy in front of me at the pick up station luck out. they told him there wasn't any work for him so just to go home – but he still got paid for the 4 hour block.

    that's the perfect block!

  3. Your only tracking how much you are bringing in. With all the driving you are doing I can only imagine how much wear and tear you are putting on your car and how much money you are paying out for the repairs. FYI, your auto insurance will not cover you if you get in an accident and it is your fault. Uber or Lyft will not cover your vehicle. You need corporate insurance or ride share insurance which is about $400 per month.

  4. Just started Flex in the Portland area as well. I heard you mentioned delivering in Wilsonville, so does flex include the suburbs (Beaverton, Tigard, Gresham, West Linn, Clackamas, Wilsonville, etc.) of Portland as well?

  5. You say that the sky is the limit for earnings but that can't be the case. There has to be a maximum that you can realistically earn in the transportation busines to be able to retain a clientel and give a good deal to your customer. You're providing a service not selling a product. In sales the sky limit is higher.

  6. usually about one or two out of 10. But it is Portland, I would imagine in places like New York and La Chicago Etc would probably be tips more often. I think I might do that with the tip jar? thanks for the conversation, this is how awesome things happen!